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Reman Warranty Policy

Reman Return Procedure – What to do if you have a problem with your remanufactured unit.

The customer should call the installing shop FIRST and have them contact the Warranty Department. BEFORE any warranty work is done the installation facility must have a claim number. Any repairs that are not authorized will not be considered for reimbursement and may void the warranty. The installing shop should call 800-962-7222 and have the following information ready:

  • The serial number of the unit along with the year, make, model & VIN.
  • The current mileage and mileage at the time of installation.
  • A complete description of the problem including symptoms, codes, and all diagnostics performed.
  • Note: we may require further diagnostic testing in order to identify the source of the problem.
  • All parts must be returned to the factory for inspection. Call 800-962-7222 and we will issue a call tag for the parts/unit. Additionally, the parts/unit MUST be tagged with the warranty authorization number.
  • All warranty units MUST include the return of the inline filter.
  • Labor bills must be submitted in writing within 30 days after the repair. The claim number MUST BE on the face of the bill. Bills may be sent via fax to 800-821-2086.The Warranty Administration may authorize a repair or replacement unit if deemed necessary. A warranty claim will be created and the warranty authorization number will be communicated to the repairing shop. If the engine is replaced the warranty authorization number must be written in the space provided on the Orange Warranty Claim Tag and attached to the unit prior to return. Failure to do so may result in a significant delay in the processing of the claim or the unit being processed for core credit only (See following page for warranty claim tag information).Any credits or payments made in accordance with the warranty policy will be issued to the installation facility.

Limited Warranty Claims and Payment Policy on Reman

Approval for repairs or replacements of reman engines or components must be obtained from the customer service department prior to any work being performed. Any repairs or replacements performed without prior approval will not be covered. When calling the customer service department please have the following information:

  • Serial number of the engine.
  • Part number of engine or component.
  • Date and mileage at the time of installation.
  • Current mileage.
  • Make, model, year, vehicle identification number and license plate number.
  • Description of problem that you are having with the reman engine or component.

Diagnostic time will only be covered if instructed by the customer service department. Reman engines, components or parts found to be defective must be returned to the Remanufacturer for failure analysis or claim will be denied.

Any remanufactured engines, components, or repair parts must be submitted with appropriate paperwork and authorization number to insure payment.

Paperwork and information required:

  • Original sales ticket and repair order.
  • Current sales ticket and repair order.
  • Sales tickets for any parts purchased to complete repairs or replacements.
  • All service and maintenance records.
  • Warranty Authorization number.

Please retain a copy of the paperwork and authorization for future reference.


Labor Rates:

Independent Repair Shops and Fleets: Current Motor or All Data time not to exceed $50.00 per flat rate hour.*

Over the counter sales Installed by Vehicle Owners: Current Motor or All Data customer pay time. To be paid at $25.00 per flat rate hour, not to exceed $300.00.*

*All parts and labor payments subject to approval upon inspection of remanufactured engine, component, or parts by the Remanufacturer.

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