car driving down road in springWe hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family and friends. We are now in early spring. Grass is starting to green, Opening Day is only a few weeks away, and families are beginning to prepare their summer vacation plans. It is also the time of year that many households begin spring cleaning tasks. After a dormant winter, many are eager to sow seeds for their lawns, repair fence panels damaged by harsh winter, and work on projects that will enhance the look and life of their home.

Did you know that your automobile could benefit from a “spring cleaning” as well to better its performance and ensure reliability? Just like your home, your automobile can take a beating too from the harsh winter weather. In addition to that, the warmer months lend themselves to long weekend drives and travel, which means you may be in your automobile more. Luckily, preparing your automobile for spring does not have to be difficult or a costly investment. Here are several ideas to consider:

Get Your Car Inspected by a Mechanic You Trust: Even if you think your car is running in perfect order, it doesn’t hurt to have it inspected once a year to ensure there aren’t any upcoming issues that you would have to worry about. Oftentimes, a small fix now could prevent a major problem down the road. Check your fluids as well for performance and to prevent an adverse event. And if there are some small repairs needed and you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, remember to use remanufactured auto parts to save even more money.

Check Your Tire Pressure and Thread: Your tires will often become deflated in the colder temperatures. Once the weather gets a little warmer, those same tires could be overinflated. Check your tire pressure to prevent a blowout. In addition to that, spring is notorious for being rainy – remember April Showers bring May flowers. Ensure that the thread on your tires is adequate enough for rainy days on the road.

Wash and Scrub Inside and Out: Rock salt, dirt, road debris, and that fast food meal or two that you ate in the car all have significant impact on your car’s appearance. Luckily, a simple hand wash with a good car wash solution and careful cleaning of the interior surface and mats could go a long way in mitigating the effects of winter. In a few hours, your car could look as good as the day you took it off the lot.