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Reliable Used Auto Parts in Auburn, NY

A&P Auto Parts is proud to serve Auburn, NY car owners and repair shops in the community! We know we can hit a home run with our low prices and high quality used auto parts. Our small knit community can be relieved from outrageously priced, new auto parts by choosing us!

We want to see you back on the road, in the vehicle you love, for the least amount of money possible. Our used and re-manufactured auto parts are tested rigorously for quality assurance so you know they are just as dependable as new parts! Here are some other added benefits:

  • Low costs: Since we recycle auto parts, we pass the savings on to you.
  • Going green: With recycled auto parts, you help the environment by cutting down the resources it takes to produce a new part.
  • Extremely friendly: Our staff is professional and extremely helpful!
  • Online part search: Check out our used auto parts finder online to get the part you need.

No one can compare and sell used auto parts online at rock bottom prices! Contact A&P Auto Parts today to find exactly what you are looking for because we take care of the Auburn community!

What Can You Anticipate From A&P Auto Parts in Auburn, NY?
We make everything as easy as possible whether you talk with us over the phone, in-person or online because the process of finding correct auto parts can be challenging. But when you shop with us, we get you exactly what you want for the best price. Nowhere else will you find such great value when it comes to used auto parts in Auburn, NY and it only makes sense to check us out. We are different than the dealerships and chain auto parts store because we like serving the Auburn community and our local presence gives you the chance of supporting local businesses. From beginning to end, you’ll be pleased with the A&P Auto Parts experience.

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