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Quality Control - A&P Auto Parts

Quality Control for Remanufactured Auto Parts

*Ongoing in-process inspection and tests performed by APS*

As a buyer of used and remanufactured auto parts, you know how important quality is. Better quality means less down time and less warranty hassles. And, at the end of the day, better quality is just a better deal. That’s why we offer high-quality remanufactured engines and auto parts that exceed industry standards with “same-as-new” performance. Our remanufactured parts are built on principles that have made us a world leader in the auto remanufacturing industry.

Below are some of the quality control tests performed at A&P Auto Parts.

Visual: 100% visual inspection, sorting and grading of core during tear down

Crack Detection: 100% magnaflux inspection of all block and all cast iron cylinder heads.

Air Gauging:

  • Heads – 100% gauging of valve guides on all engines. 100% gauging of lifter bores, and cam bores on all OHC engines.
  • Crankshafts – 100% gauging of all rod and main bearing journals diameters.
  • Connecting Rods – 100% gauged for: Bearing and pin bore diameters, center to center dimensions to measure rod stretch, rod bend and/or twist.
  • Block – 100% gauging of all cylinder bores for diameter and roundness after final honing operation.

Dial Bore Gauging: All crank main bearing bores and all cylinder bores on engine block measured for diameter and distortion.

Vacuum Decay Testing: All head and valve assemblies on cylinder head are quantified for leakage using a vacuum decay process.

Pressure Decay Testing of long block assemblies:

  • Coolant passageways – All engine assemblies quantified for water jacket, head gasket, and casting leakage.
  • Oil passageways – All engine assemblies quantified for oil gallery, gasket, and casting leakage.

Dynamic Engine (Sims) Testing: All engines are cold motored and checked and measured for proper torque to turn, cylinder compression, oil flow, oil pressure, as well as audibly monitored for any unusual noises.

Daily Quality Inspections:

  • Block – 1 block per engine family is laid out and checked for all critical and high impact characteristics as defined in our control plans. These measurements include surface finishes, surface flatness and cylindricity
  • Cylinder Heads – 1 head per engine family is laid out and follows same check process as blocks.

A&P’s remanufacturing partner offers more innovation and better technology than any other remanufactured engine and auto parts company in the world: Here are some features that make our remanufacturing partner the most reliable and well-respected:


  • In-house reclamation and robotic automated cleaning
  • Six CNC horizontal machining centers: Mori Seiki, Mitsu Seiki & LaBlonde Makino
  • Two Gehring CNC honing and line hone, Junker CNC crankgrinder, RMB CNC cam boring
  • Gidding & Lewis High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
  • Hommel Turbowave 8000 (the latest surface finish measuring equipment)
  • PAT Gauge Incometer (most accurate instrument for cylinder bore measurement)
  • AtlasCopco – (DC-Torqueing of critical fasteners)
  • Cold Dyno spin testing (oil pressure, oil flow, compression and torque)
  • ISO-9002, ISO/TS16949, ISO-14000
  • Six Sigma Quality Process

Our manufacturing partner builds better engine parts and it shows – even before you put them in the vehicle. The single factor that separates a great engine remanufacturer, like ours, from a merely good one is manufacturing technology. And, as you can see, they’ve spared no expense in that important area. With our partner, we’re able to stay true to our motto – consistent quality, every time.

If you’re impressed by our quality control and need a remanufactured engine part, contact us online or call 800-962-7222.

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