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Remanufactured Core Return Policy

For engines, transmissions, transfer cases and other remanufactured auto parts, the core return program is designed as a one-for-one exchange program. Customers are required to return the core the same year the remanufactured auto part is purchased from A&P. Also, the amount of cores returned must equal the amount of remanufactured parts purchased.

Return Guidlines:

For 100% Core Credit, core must be …

  • Returned in original packaging
  • Fully assembled and to the same build level as the replacement part provided by A&P
  • Visually remanufacturable
  • Returned with completed CORE RETURN AUTHORIZATION TAG properly attached

For 30% Core Credit…

  • Core must be fully assembled and to the same build level as the replacement part
  • Core may have visible cracks, or broken rods or mains that deem the engine not remanufacturable

NOTE: All cores returned must be properly identified as full or partial credit on attached

The core return tag (found inside your engine packet) must be filled in completely and attached to the core with the enclosed wire tie wrap in order to ensure proper credit for the return. Failure to follow these instructions may RESULT IN LOSS OF CORE CREDIT.

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