A&P Auto Parts has been serving the central New York area for over 40 years and we are proud to have a local presence in the surround communities. We can give you an affordable option when it comes to auto parts and save you a ton of money compared to those chain auto parts stores. While our main store is located in Cicero, NY, we have plenty of other branches spread around so we can help you get exactly what you need. All of our team members are committed in helping you get the part you need at the best price and we offer additional services that can benefit you!

You can sell you vehicle or donate it at any one of our locations and we will give you top dollar for its value. Whether you don’t have a need for a vehicle any more or you are looking for cash for a new one, we will evaluate your vehicle fairly. Once we complete the deal, you can also benefit from knowing your car will be put to good use! A&P Auto Parts is all about being environmentally friendly which means we recycle every usable component of your vehicle. This can help other drivers on the road looking for affordable, used auto parts for their own vehicle. So in essence, your once prized possession will live on with another driver.

This green process reduces the impact on our environment because the amount of resources needed for new parts is significantly decreased. We help eliminate the need of manufacturing new parts because we recondition a working part and make it available to other vehicle owners. After call, vehicles and their components can take thousands of years to decompose and recycling every part we can helps our planet!

While our presence is predominantly in central New York, our other offices do cover different regions of our great state! That’s good news to other drivers because we like to be close to our clients. Check out a list of our other branches spread throughout New York!

Please stop by any of our stores and we will gladly help you with any needs you may have. With over 40 years in the business, we plan on serving drivers for a long time to come. And to find a specific part now, check out our used auto parts search tool – it’s frequently updated with the parts you need!