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About - A&P Auto Parts

A&P History: A Greener Automotive Future

A&P Auto Parts was put in first gear by Bill and Kathy Abold in December, 1969. Along with their business partners, John and Paulene Pawklicki, the team of automotive enthusiasts began selling used car parts and establishing trustworthy shops, car lots and recycling facilities in Cicero, NY.

Using their automotive experience, they righted what was wrong in the car world every chance they got. With the growing number of automobiles in the U.S., the Abold’s and Pawklicki’s saw an opportunity to make a real difference. Benefitting the health of the environment and wallets of consumers, A&P took green initiatives to supply vehicle owners with quality green used auto parts. From this, the company gained the trust of the public and built a strong foundation for its future.

A&P Today: Working Green and Giving Green

Now put it into second gear – all the way to overdrive – and you have an idea of what A&P Auto Parts is today: a first class used car parts dealer and automotive dismantler.

A&P Auto Parts FleetStill based in Central New York and run by members of the Abold family, A&P now has two shops – one in Syracuse and Rochester, NY. This is where our dismantling uses environmentally friendly practices to recycle cars and pays used vehicle owners cash for making responsible decisions. New York is also where our sales and shipping team work to deliver used and new auto parts to car owners, retailers and companies nationwide.

Today, A&P Auto Parts continues to evolve while building a loyal customer base. As a Gold Seal-certified and URG 8000-accredited company, the future is bright – for our clients, our company and the world around all of us. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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