New Year…new you…new car? The New Year is right around the corner and for many of us, it’s the perfect time to start the year off right with a new set of resolutions. Some resolutions might involve diet and exercise or spending more time with friends and family, but some of us have other things in mind…like getting behind the wheel of a new car. We all know that goal can be a little challenging, especially since new cars carry hefty price tags, but there is another resolution that is more affordable – making your current car look and feel like new again. Read on to check out these four simple and affordable ways to revamp your car for the New Year!

1. Recondition Your Headlights

wiping headlight on a carYour vehicles headlights can really make all the difference on how it looks. If your headlights are hazy, dull and foggy in appearance, you can easily make it look years newer by reconditioning the lenses. There are numerous headlight restoration kits on the market that take a little elbow grease to make the haze go away. Once you put in the effort to clean them up, they will be clear, bright and revitalized. But, if your headlights have seen better days (and nights), you could simply replace them another set – either new or used.





2. Install Seat Covers

seat covers of the interior carIf your car seats have endured years of wear and tear, they probably have a few rips, stains and other unsightly markings on them. But, one easy way to make the interior look new and fresh is to install seat covers! Best of all, you have a ton of choices when it comes to seat covers – you can choose the color, the type of fabric and even the design/pattern of the covers. That means if you want to have car seats that look like leather, you can certainly find covers that have a leather-like appearance and feel. Plus, most seat covers are extremely easy to install because all you have to do is slip them over the existing seat.





3. Upgrade The Radio

car radio blurred backgroundOne of the most desirable features in a new car is the radio system because they typically feature the coolest and latest advancements like MP3 playback, Bluetooth streaming and the ability to play music from your phone. However, you could get all those features in your car by simply upgrading the radio unit! Even if your car still has a cassette deck that’s practically useless these days, it’s very easy to swap out the radio with a new model that has all those techy features.






4. Revamping Performance

working on the motor of a carDid you know that you could get better performance from your vehicle by replacing old components with recycled auto parts? As your vehicle ages, some of the vital components deteriorate due to normal wear and tear but you can find the best recycled auto parts to give it life once again. Things like the mass air flow sensor, alternator, fuel filter and other easy-to-replace components can get your car back in shape.






While a brand new vehicle may be off in the horizon, one thing you can absolutely do this New Year is revamp your current ride with the above tips!