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Nationwide Auto Parts Dealer, New York Dismantler

Established in 1969, A&P Auto Parts has over 40 years of experience selling auto parts and recycling late model cars. From our two locations in Central New York, we use the power of e-commerce and experience to deliver new and used car and truck parts to vehicle owners and companies throughout the U.S.

In addition to selling iron-clad new and used auto parts, we also help vehicle owners get money for recycling unwanted cars in areas surrounding Syracuse and Rochester, NY. At A&P, we pride ourselves on our ability to recycle cars properly and like to reward you for making the right decision every chance we get. After all, creating new opportunities from used vehicles is what we’re good at.

With our bilateral approach – responsibly recycling cars in New York and selling reliable used car parts and used truck parts nationwide – we’ve established ourselves as a premium recycled green parts dealer in the automotive community. We’re able to offer our customers a combination of the best used and new auto parts at wholesale prices.



The main draw of used parts for many of our customers is affordability. Remanufactured parts are much cheaper than new parts and perform just as well.


If you have an older car, finding parts for it might be difficult as well as costly. By buying used parts from a qualified supplier like A&P Auto Parts, a motorist can find the parts he or she needs more quickly and at a reduced rate.


It might take time to find a used part for your motor. Not only is time wasted, but this could make the repair cost more in the end as well. A&P Auto Parts streamlines the search process, so motorists can find the parts they need to get their cars back on the road.

Environmentally Friendly

In most cases, we can salvage auto parts from a used car, so the entire car doesn’t end up landfilled. This limits the amount of waste put into the environment.

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