It was once your prized possession. So many memories of cruising down the highway with the stereo turned high with your favorite song playing through the speakers. Time, however, has perhaps had an effect that is not so kind to your beloved auto. Perhaps it was damaged beyond repair and now you are left to figure out how to give it a proper sendoff.


But should you send it the junkyard? That simply will not do! This was your first car, after all. Perhaps consider a greener idea, whereby your car can live on through the parts that made it tick. If this sounds like a viable option, consider offering the vehicle to a salvage auto supply store. Here are a few reasons that you might want to do so:

Environmentally Friendly

Rather than allowing a car to sit in the driveway or in a landfill, your parts can be repaired and recycled, giving another car new life. The environmental impact could be enormous if just one out of ten salvaged automobiles were recycled. It just means that many more other cars that can be saved so that new ones don’t have to be bought. Thinking about the impact that our decisions have on our environment can make life a lot better for future generations, so why not start with your car?

Turn your Clunker into Cash

Why not be rewarded for being responsible and environmentally aware? The aftermarket used parts industry thrives on repairing and refurbishing things you can’t use. That means that those parts in your salvaged car could be a financially viable option. You can then take the cash from your prized possession to purchase a new set of wheels (maybe even a hybrid or electric car, if you are really looking to go completely green).


It’s never easy to retire your beloved car before its time. Whatever the reason that you need to dispose of your vehicle, you have the opportunity to be environmentally responsible and be rewarded for it. Consider working with a responsible salvage auto supply company to ensure that your beloved possession can live on.


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