The best thing about cars is that there are so many different makes, models and manufacturers that you can literally find one that fits your tastes and personality! Whether it’s new or used, cars can be as unique as the drivers who own them and with that being said, check out the top seven futuristic cars ever made!

1948 Tasco

ACD Tasco 005We often dream about a time in the future where our cars will not only drive the streets but soar the skies and that’s where the 1948 Tasco got its design influence. The engineer and designer who developed this one-of-a-kind vehicle, Gordon Buehrig, took inspiration from two production cars from the 1930s to craft this marvel. It was the first of its kind to feature a T-top roof design that later sparked the popular open-aired roadsters decades later. Unfortunately, it never made it to actual production but the futuristic style definitely played a role on vehicles preceding it. Photo Credit: Rediff Business

1996 General Motors EV1

GM EVMost people know of the Toyota Prius as being one of the most prominent hybrid vehicles on the road but not many know of the all-electric 1996 General Motors EV1. It was the first mass-produced electric car of the modern era but was put to rest in 2002. Oddly enough, GM only allowed people to lease the vehicle and once they decided to pull the plug, they repossessed all of them and crushed majority of them. Its strange looks may have been too futuristic for drivers to handle. Photo Credit: Jalopnik

1936 Stout Scarab

stoutIf you were looking for a people mover from out of this world, you may have wanted to drive the 1936 Stout Scarab. It essentially sparked the popular emergence of the minivan with its ‘living-room’ on wheels design. It featured a front passenger seat that could completely rotate, a backseat that transformed into a couch and a mini table! Only a few were sold but the designer, William Bushnell Stout, definitely was a forward thinker. Imagine trying to find used auto parts for this car! Photo Credit: Rediff Business

1951 GM Le Sabre XP-8

le sabreHere’s another concept car that didn’t want to be confined to the streets with a fighter jet appearance. The 1951 GM Le Sabre XP-8 had everything you would think was in a plane, air-craft style instruments, a pointy nose and swoopy curves. It was so advanced that it had a rain sensing convertible top, heated seats and electric jacks! Some can say that it definitely was ahead of the time. Photo Credit: Rediff Business


2002+ Volkswagen XL1

XL1Imagine driving a car 260 miles on one gallon of diesel fuel – you could probably save a ton of money driving around right? Well, the engineers at Volkswagen began the development on such a car back in the early 2000s and are now on its third iteration of the vehicle. The XL1 looks like it could be from the movie Tron with its sleek and spaceship-style look. They are for sale and in production but will only set you back about $150,000…which most people just don’t have to spend on a car. Not to mention you will have a hard time trying to save money on repairs by trying a used auto parts search for this vehicle! Photo Credit: Jalopnik

Mercedes Benz BIOME

benzMercedes Benz may have got their inspiration for the BIOME from Hot Wheels because this vehicle looks like it should be able to drive up walls and upside down! What makes it super futuristic is that Mercedes Benz crafted it with natural materials which makes it extremely environmentally friendly. As for its fuel economy, we’d have to wait some years to learn about that. Photo Credit: The Richest

Kia Pop

Kia-Pop-Wondering what city dwellers will be driving around in the future? The Kia Pop might be able to give you some insight on that with this compact electric car. Small enough to fit in tight parking spaces and the range of 100 miles per electric charge, drivers could be taking to the road in this vehicle sometime soon. Photo Credit: The Richest





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