When you think it’s time to sell your car, consider selling it yourself to maximize the profit. There are numerous benefits to selling your car but you must prepare yourself to get the best offer. Additionally, there are a bunch of reasons to sell it from cutting the cost of insurance premiums to avoiding the dreadful gas station. Selling your car for cash is the smart way to bank money and decrease the burden of car ownership costs.

Reasons To Sell

city streetThere are a ton of reasons to sell your car and one reason could be where you live. Take for instance living in a city, finding parking is a nightmare and expensive at that. After you’ve circled the block five dozen times for a spot, another 12 more rounds will surely find you a space, right? Ditch the wheels and opt for public transportation or a car sharing program.

Gas prices and insurance premiums are always changing and it’s a huge headache to deal with the price fluctuation. Combine that with terrible gas mileage and your spending way more than you should. While these expenses are digging a hole in your wallet, how many times have you had to dig out your car from snow? It can be a hassle, waste of time and even get you sick! Without a car, digging out is no longer a problem.

trafficThe other problem is maintenance….it can be expensive and really put a damper on your funds. Maybe you don’t know the difference between an alternator and a transmission but when you bring it to the mechanic to get fixed, your bill might be a little high because you have no idea what is wrong with your car. And as you sit in rush hour traffic, you wonder why it’s taken 45 minutes to travel a mile and the thought of public transportation sounds like a luxury.

While all the reasons to sell your car will lift a heavy burden off your shoulders, one more reason could sound enticing: donate. Donating your car can help others in need of a vehicle and also provide you with a nice tax incentive! You can list your car as a charitable donation that will benefit you during tax time.

Getting The Most Cash

car keysIn order to get the most cash out of selling your car, you must do your homework first and get it ready to sell. One of the first things you want to do is gather your car’s information and that means more than just the basics: year, make, model and mileage. You need to know your car’s trim level because the higher trim it is the more valuable it is. Meaning all those luxury features like leather seats, a sunroof, the bigger engine, etc can all net in more cash, so be sure to know the trim level of your vehicle. Options can bump up resale value and collect as many maintenance receipts as possible. These will show the buyer that you took care of the car and they would be willing to spend a little more for a well-maintained car.

12But when it comes to maintenance, have a mechanic conduct a pre-sell inspection so you can truly know the condition of your car before you sell it. Too often, owners will over-estimate the worth of their vehicle and that can ruin a sale. This over-estimate is sometimes the worst reality if you try to trade your car in at a dealership. Trading a car in will lessen the amount of money in your pocket and just cause you frustration. It’s better to sell your vehicle yourself because you’ll get more money and have more negotiating power at hand to snag a great deal.

13As you get closer to selling your car, you can sell it to A&P Auto Parts for top dollar. Selling it to one of the leading auto dismantler’s in New York can save you time because you don’t have to wait for a buyer to be interested and you don’t have to deal with the car salesman pressure. One of the benefits of selling it to A&P Auto Parts is that they will part out the vehicle and salvage the components that work properly. This allows the process to be environmentally friendly because the sale will lead to selling used car parts to those who need them instead of using resources to make new parts. It gives consumers another option in the market place when repairing their vehicles that is cost effective and eco-friendly.

Car parts like radiators, shock absorbers, body panels, rims, and headlight and taillight assemblies are among the many things that can be parted out and sold. So if you sell your car to A&P Auto Parts, it will be responsibly recycled and help out other motorists on the road. For more information about selling your car or donating your car to A&P Auto Parts please contact and call 800-962-7222 today!


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