Roll down the windows, crank that radio, and let the sunshine in.

Spring seems to be finally showing up. Though it hasn’t warmed up for real yet, already people are getting excited, thinking about planting flowers and taking road trips. Road trips, whether they are week-long family vacations or several month excursions across the country, are a fun activity for a lot of Americans during the warmer seasons.


Here are some things to consider that will help make your journey on the open road as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Have Complete Trust in Your Passengers

Think fast! You are trapped in a tin can speeding down an asphalt desert for endless miles into oblivion. Who is sitting next to you? More importantly, who’s in control of the radio?

Once you hit that sweet, sweet highway, there is no more personal space between passengers. Road trips are not for everyone. Take the time to make sure that all passengers involved are absolutely 100% on board with this idea.Unnecessary tensions combined with a lack of breathing room are the usual recipe for ruining an otherwise venturesome time.

Remember to Budget Your Money

An endless expanse reaches out before you.You mean to conquer that sunburnt horizon, and all for the low, low price of four bucks a gallon and a dollar menu diet. Your ears ring with the jangle of overpriced key chains.

As spontaneous as they may seem, even a short road trip can get incredibly pricy. Sightseeing, hotels, food, and gas all cut deep into a wallet full of wanderlust. Budget accordingly. Parks are cheaper than malls (mostly because many are free), crashing with friends is cheaper than hotels, diners will give you a more varied and substantial meals than fast food chains, and most importantly, burning rubber burns gas, which brings us to…

Know Your Car

Vehicles are magical and mystical beasts. Treat them kindly, and they will carry you forth on rubber wings of majesty. Treat them poorly, and you’ll be hitchhiking your way home after having made a wrong turn in Albuquerque.

Roadside assistance doesn’t work everywhere. Get your car inspected before you leave. Know the make and model, and be prepared to schedule tune-ups. Pick your destinations and then do some quick research; fill up on cheap gas in Utah as you cruise the salt flats, find a mechanic in Seattle who stuck gum on the wall, gather spare auto parts in Rochester, NY while you check out two of the Great Lakes. It is imperative that you know where you can go to get automotive help, while still enjoying the freedom of a road trip. I bid you, go forth and adventure, like the well-oiled pit crew of sightseeing that you are!

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