book1When you are in the market for a reliable, dependable and specific auto part, you may feel as though your only option is to buy new. However, that is no longer the case when using A&P Auto Parts! Buying new auto parts can come at a major cost and can leave your wallet empty, but if you check out other options, your wallet will be happy and your car will be running like normal again.

Recycled Auto Parts

book2Instead of buying new auto parts online or in-store, consider purchasing recycled auto parts from A&P Auto Parts. A&P Auto Parts is a first-class used car parts dealer and a premier automotive dismantler. This means you can get high quality auto parts that have been salvaged, restored and reconditioned to their former glory for use. All parts have been tested to make sure they meet original operating specifications so you know the part you are buying works.

Easy Search Tool

book3Finding the exact part you need for your vehicle is easy with the used auto parts search tool by A&P Auto Parts. With its easy to use drop-down navigation bars, you can instantly look up the parts you need to get your vehicle back on the road. Are you looking for a door panel…headlight…alternator? The search tool has a large database of inventory that can be picked-up or shipped straight to your door.

Some of the most frequently online purchased auto parts include engines, transmissions, wheels, bumpers, fenders, hoods, strut assemblies, fuel pumps, radiators, door handles, window regulators, control arms and electrical. Generally speaking, people are purchasing key components that involve the way their vehicles handle and look which isn’t too surprising. It’s common to drive over a pothole and need to replace your bent wheel or after the years parking in the grocery store, finally replacing that bumper from all the dings and dents from those dreaded shopping carts.

Fair Prices

book4Getting the best price on a part is easy wit A&P Auto Parts because we cut out the manufacturing process which means a recycled part costs you significantly less money. Whether you visit one of our New York stores or utilize or website, you will find fair and low prices throughout. Not only can you benefit from our services, but we also offer wholesale prices on new parts if that is the route you choose to go.

Additionally, when you purchase auto parts online, you are automatically saving money because you have the ability to hunt down the best price very quickly. Trying to find the best price on a part in-person can be challenging because you will be running around from store to store and then once you do figure out the best price, you must then go back to the lowest priced one. Shopping online for auto parts saves you more money and time.

While you can save a ton of money online, you can also cut out those pricey parts your mechanic finds. By eliminate the step of your mechanic finding the part you need, you don’t have to deal with a price that is too high. All you’re left with is the part you bought and price your mechanic charges for labor, so you reduce those hidden price tags.

Things To Buy Offline

tiresWhile the online world is a great resource for making purchases, some auto parts need to be bought offline. Sometimes even the best descriptions or pictures can’t sell a product online and the best example of this is tires. Tires are something you should always purchase in-person so you can physically see and feel the tire. This case is extremely true when it comes to buying used tires because there’s a big difference between new and old. Some used tires are retreads which is common practice in the trucking industry but not on personal vehicles, so be sure to look out for things like that. Also, wiper blades should be bought offline because they are one of those components that need close examination for proper function.


book6What would peace-of-mind be without a warranty on a remanufactured engine or component? A&P Auto Parts proudly offers a warranty on parts that will repair, replace or refund the customer if the remanufactured engine or component fails during the specified warranty period. The value is unbeatable and industry leading for used auto parts!

Getting Your Car Back On The Road


Our goal is to get your car back on the road for the least amount of money possible because a running car is a happy driver. For more information about used auto parts and how you can save money, please contact us at (800)962-7222 or visit our website at today!

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