The Best Ways To Recycle Auto Parts
used autopartsRecycle, reuse, repeat. Those three words are synonymous with the green movement and more people are trying to reduce their impact on the environment. With that being said, could some aspect of the automobile industry go green? Absolutely. From new cars to old cars, manufacturers and car owners can easily take part in the green movement. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, almost 27 million cars around the world reach the end of their useful life and begin the recycling process. Which allows car owners to recycle auto body parts to help the eco-friendly movement. Check out the following for the best and prefeered methods to recycle auto parts!

Vehicle owners can donate their cars to A&P Auto Parts where the facility will recycle and recondition the old parts on the vehicle. This allows for parts to be recycled and reused which reduces the amount of resources needed to produce a new part. By opting for a recycled auto part, consumers can also save money! In addition, donating your vehicle can also turn into a tax benefit and also help others in need.

Owners can also sell their vehicles to A&P Auto Parts for cash where the vehicle will go through the same process as above. The vehicle can be parted out and which will allow for vital components to be picked out and reconditioned. This will allow for the parts to be sold to other drivers who are in need of a working auto part. One of the best things about A&P Auto Parts is that when a consumer buys a part, it’ll have a warranty which guarantees it to work!

Fun Facts
When you recycle your car, you help auto recyclers supply 30 percent of all ferrous scrap (steel and iron) to the US scrap processing industry. In turn, this helps decrease water and air pollution by more than half during the manufacturing process. The EPA also cites that more than 25 million tons of materials are salvaged and recycled from vehicles each year. By recycling auto parts, car owners can sell or donate their vehicles and know they make a positive impact on the environment and their wallets.

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