Are you looking for some used auto parts but can’t seem to the best shop in upstate New York? Well look no further than A & P Auto Parts! It happens too often that consumers are billed for overpriced vehicle repairs and then the huge costs of parts passed onto them. This practice can be frustrating because getting your vehicle repaired seems like a duty that has to get done no matter what and your wallet is definitely not happy. Sometimes the repair is simple enough to complete yourself but even then it is the hassle of trying to find the part with your budget in mind.

One of the biggest benefits of visiting A & P Auto Parts is that you can get high-quality, used auto parts that meet or exceed the original equipments capability. Also being an A & P Auto Parts customer gives you peace-of-mind because the parts are covered by a warranty that guarantees the part will function properly. All of the parts you will find are tested and designed to work just as if they were new because they are reconditioned. You won’t find that at any salvage yard or auto parts store!

Additionally, you will save a lot of money purchasing used auto parts because you won’t have to deal with the price mark ups from manufacturers. With numerous locations, you can easily find the closest store near you. If you want an even easier method of getting your part, we have a state-of-the-art part search tool that can give you exactly what you are looking for. Our auto parts search tool gives you easy access to select the make and model of your specific vehicle. Just with a few clicks, you could have the part you need fast! Our main stores are conveniently located in Cicero and Palmyra, NY with easy access to anyone in upstate New York.

Here are some other local NY areas we serve:

While you look for the part you need, you also help the environment because our parts are recycled which means valuable resources are not consumed to produce new products. It’s a simple step to be eco-friendly and save big on vehicle repair. 

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