110+ Years of Combined Experience - Used Car Parts

With A&P’s professional sales team, you’ll always feel good about your purchase. Members of our sales team embrace a traditional, customer-first approach and ensure you always get the new and used car parts you need in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. If you had trouble trying to locate used car parts with our Auto Parts Search tool, call our friendly sales team for assistance. With over 110 years of combined experience, we’re always happy to help.

What sets our sales team apart from others is our high interest in customer feedback. Because selling used and new auto parts isn’t like selling magazine subscriptions, we aim to make the ordering process as fluid as possible. It’s as simple as 1) calling 800-962-7222, 2) speaking with a sales rep, and 3) getting the RIGHT part for immediate delivery.ARA Goldseal Analysis

The AP Difference: Throughout the year, we conduct customer research and analyze results to ensure ALL customer needs are being met: timely delivery, accurate delivery, problem resolution and overall satisfaction.


Team Member Shannon Banks

Sales Manager:  Shannon Banks  800-962-7222 ext. 135

Email: shannon@apautoparts.com

IM: shannonapauto



Team Member David Gruel

Sales:  David Gruel  800-962-7222 ext. 115

Email: david@apautoparts.com

IM: davidapauto



Team Member Dann Tanner

Sales: Dann Tanner 800-962-7222 ext. 134

Email: dann@apautoparts.com

IM: apautodann



Team Member Mark Brown

Sales: Mark Brown 800-962-7222 ext.124

Email: mark@apautoparts.com

IM: markapauto



Team Member Mike Jay

Sales: Mike Jay 800-962-7222 ext. 127

Email: mikej@apautoparts.com

IM: mikejapauto



Team Member Vinnie BrunoSales: Vinnie Bruno 800-962-7222 ext.118

Email: vinnie@apautoparts.com

IM: vinnieapautopart



Team Member Art Holiday

Manager: Art Halliday 877-889-1640 ext. 205

Email: apauto@earthlink.net

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