A&P Auto Parts strives to maintain full customer satisfaction and that’s why we make it our mission to inform and educate our customers about everything we offer. While you may be familiar with some of our services, we want to share five common questions that our customers frequently ask us because it may help you understand our offerings and save you money on car repair!

1. Where Do I Buy Used Auto Parts?

buying used auto partsWe give our customers the ultimate convenience of online shopping with direct shipping straight to your door. If you are located near one of our many stores, you can always stop in to find what you are looking for as one of our friendly team members will get you what you need. Since we recondition and revitalized auto parts, we help you save a significant amount of money on vehicle repair and we are confident our parts will meet or exceed original performance. This is also a reason why all of our parts come with a warranty to give you extra assurance, so go ahead and buy used auto parts with confidence!

2. How Do I Use The Auto Parts Search?

Our online used auto parts search tool is simple to use with easy-to-understand dropdown bars that allow you to specifically find parts for your vehicle. First, customers can enter their zip code that is used to determine where the part will be shipped. From there, users and select year, manufacturer, model and then the part type. When you fill out all the necessary information, a long list of used auto parts will display in the search and you can choose whichever one is available. We have tens of thousands of used auto parts in our inventory which means we are more than likely to have what you need!

3. How Does The Grading System Work For Mechanical Parts?

how to find used auto partsAll of our used auto parts come with a grade that helps you determine which options you would like to purchase. Mechanical parts that receive a letter grade of ‘A‘ means that the part has less than 60,000 total miles of usage, or, it has over 60,000 miles of usage but the mileage does not exceed 15,000 miles per model year of age. Mechanical parts that have a letter grade of ‘B‘ have over 60,000 miles and have exceeded 15,000 miles per model year of age but the parts cannot go over 200,000 total miles, regardless of age. Any used auto parts that do not meet either of these quality standards are not displayed in the search.

4. Where Can I Sell My Car?

selling used car partsWe understand that selling your car can be a time consuming process where it could be listed for sale for months on end. Instead of waiting around for the right buyer to come along, A&P Auto Parts will buy your car to hasten the process. This convenience will relieve you of the task and you’ll get a fair offer! We accept all types of vehicles from coupes to trucks to SUVs, so whatever type of vehicle you are selling, we will make you an offer. In turn, we recycle every salvageable component which results in us selling used car parts to other customers who may be looking for low-priced replacement parts.

5. Can I Donate My Car Instead?

One of the benefits of our many services is that we give you the option of donating your vehicle to charity! This charitable donation can be used as a charitable tax benefit that you can claim during tax season. The value of the charitable donation deduction is calculated once the car is sold to the charity and they send a donor receipt outlining how much your vehicle garnered at auction. Let A&P Auto Parts take the stress out of the process and make it simple to donate your vehicle!

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