Is there anything more stressful than having to deal with an unexpected car problem? Aside from having to figure out your transportation situation, you also have to find a way to fix the issue without causing a lot of financial stress. If you want to avoid last minute car repairs, you need to work more on your defense than your offense. Here are some tips that will help you:

Get preventative maintenance

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The saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has a lot of truth to it – especially when it comes to cars. A lot of typical auto problems could be prevented with proper maintenance. Instead of waiting for your car to run strangely before you pay attention to the “check oil” light, remember to change your oil every few thousand miles and to top it off when it’s low. Make sure to rotate your tires every few hundred miles and to check your air levels. These simple actions could help prevent a lot of future trouble.

Buy your parts online

Many mechanics have rules about their customers buying parts from outside sources. Some do it because they don’t want their clients buying parts they can’t actually use, but far more do it because they can make money charging their customers for parts along with their repair services. Find a mechanic that’s willing to allow you to buy your own parts and you will save a lot. You can easily find used auto parts by doing a search on our site.

Look for brand certified repair shops

Sometimes it’s best to use mechanics that specialize in fixing your make and model of car. Most major automakers have service centers for their customers that specialize in repairing and improving their vehicles. These service centers can save you a lot of money on repair costs, especially if you have a vehicle that’s still under warranty.

Find a dent specialist

When you get a dent or a ding in your car, don’t run to the nearest auto body shop if you want to save money. These shops do good work, but all of that sanding, repainting, and clear coating will cost you a lot. Check out a used car lot and see if you can find out who handles repairing dents and dings on their vehicles. They’ll be able to fix the problem quickly, and at a lower price.

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