pic1Anyone who drives a vehicle knows there are added costs besides gas to keep it running. From regular maintenance like oil changes to occasional replacements like tires, vehicles have many components that need to be replaced over their lifetime. It’s without a doubt that many people are holding on to their cars longer than they used to. The average age of vehicles still on the road today has hit a record high of 11.4 years, which is almost a two year increase since the 2008 recession. This might be because cars are just lasting longer or people no longer want new car payments. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – maintaining a vehicle is the key concept to keep it running.

There are a few challengers owners may face when looking for the correct parts for their vehicle if they need repair. We live in a time where some cars have been discontinued or their body style is rare to find. However, with the right research you can skip buying new and expensive auto parts and find quality used parts that will work just fine!

1. Online Forums

  • Many passionate vehicle owners will often seek out online forums where they just talk about their rides. This could be useful to you because many of these online folk could have faced the same problem you are currently dealing with your vehicle. Joining the forum could lead you to the part you need to fix your car and get it back to running condition.

2. Research

  • The internet has an endless amount of information available so you should use it when you need it! If you are looking for a used auto part online, you can simple type in the specific part you are looking into a search engine and almost immediately find what you need. When you search for parts online, be sure you are very detailed in the description of your vehicle to include the year, make, model and trim.

3. Compare

  • When you are looking for a particular part, do some ‘window shopping’ at your car dealer. See how much they are charging for the new part and keep that number in mind. Since you want to save money, check around for the used part and gauge its value off of the ‘new’ price you were quoted. This little tactic will ensure you are getting the best deal on the used part.

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