What’s the worst sound a car can make when you’re trying to start it up? A high-pitched grinding that sounds like something is loose in the engine? How about a low terrible roar that makes your car sound like it’s on its last legs? These are terrible sounds, but do you know what the worst sound actually is?


Absolutely nothing.

Maybe you hear a faint clicking sound when you put the keys in the ignition. Or maybe you just hear silence. Either way, your car refuses to start and you have no idea why it isn’t working. A car that won’t start is the ultimate beginning to a bad day, but you don’t have to start panicking. At A&P Auto Parts, we can help you get the used car parts you’ll need to fix your vehicle, but first we need to figure out what’s wrong with it. If your car won’t start, check out these components to see if they’re working correctly.


There aren’t a lot of cars that have a fuse hooked up to the vehicle’s starter; however, if yours is one of them, a blown fuse could be the reason that your car won’t start. Fuses are typically cheap and easy fixes, so they should be the first thing you look at when you have a problem starting the car.


car batteryIf your car isn’t starting, the battery could be the culprit. A lot of things can be wrong with a battery, but the ones to look out for are bad connections, dirt, and simple age. Bad connections can be fixed easily enough if identified and then hooked up correctly. Dirt, grime, and corrosion should be cleaned from your battery, as they can really mess with its functionality. If the battery looks clean, it could just be that your battery is old and won’t hold a charge for as long anymore. A dead battery is by far the most common reason that a car won’t start. If you have a battery tester, hook it up and see what the problem is. If you lack one, jump starting your car could help provide an answer – if your car will start with a jump, it’s time to replace that battery.

Ignition switch

If your battery works and you still have a silent starter, the ignition switch could be the culprit. Turn the key to the on position, but don’t turn it all the way to start. If the red warning lights on your dash refuse to light up, that means that the ignition switch is bad.

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