over heating carSince it’s the summertime and the temperatures are hot, your car may be having a hard time staying cool. If you’ve noticed your temperature gauge creeping up beyond the normal levels, you might have a few problems under the hood. But what could be the cause? Check out these three possible reasons why your car is overheating!

Low Coolant

Overtime, the coolant (also referred to the antifreeze) may leak, which can make the fluid levels extremely low. It’s vital to have enough fluid in the reservoir to keep the engine operating within normal temp range, so check to see if you have enough fluid. However, only check your coolant levels when your car hasn’t been running for a few hours as a safety measure. If you notice that your car is leaking coolant, you may have to perform some repairs. Leaks in the coolant system may stem from faulty or old seals, so be sure to inspect them.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Every car has a thermostat under the hood that helps regulate the temperature of the car. Sometimes this piece of equipment can become stuck open, closed or partially closed and if this occurs, the operating temperature of the car will not be correct. You can typically find these used auto parts online that will be a cheaper alternative than buying new. The replacement is generally simple and quick which means most drivers could swap the part out on their own.

Broken Cooling Fans

Have you ever heard the engine fans kick on when your car is idling? Typically, cars will have either one or two and they turn on when the engine begins to get hot. Commonly, it’ll happen when you sit in traffic, at a stop light or when you idle. Sometimes these fans will fail and they will no longer provide additional air flow to the engine which will make it run hotter. If you do not hear the fans turn on when the car begins to get hot, you may need to inspect them and ultimately replace them.

Where To Get Replacement Parts?

At A & P Auto Parts, we pride ourselves as being the low-cost alternative to drivers in New York and all over the country because we recondition used auto parts to save you money. We have thousands of used auto parts for all makes and models which will save you money on car repair! Don’t let the summer heat leave you stranded on the side of the road and check out these locations that can help you find the part you’ve been looking for.

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